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Relax and Your Niche Will Find You.

Relax and Your Niche Will Find You.

Finding a niche is not an easy thing to do. It can take a lot of energy and frustration out of you. You stay up late scrolling the internet trying to find what everyone wants to buy. You day dream and wrack your brain of what you think consumers want and need. Nothing comes and you want to give up but you want to be your own boss. You want that freedom. You want to create a dynamic business that solves consumers problems.  Well, I wanted to avoid all that anguish and frustration.   I remembered reading or maybe over hearing something like --  Do what you Love and are passionate about.  I liked that idea so I used that as my starting point.  

I loved sports, football to be exact. I played youth and high school sports and loved it. Jill was a athletic gymnast in high school. Once of my daughters was into cheer for over 8 years and loved the competition aspect. Jill and I as parents where heavily  involved in our kids activities. We volunteered where every we could. Even became coaches at one point.  We loved it. We loved that environment. We tried to use that passion and experience to start a nice for our business. We looked into how where we going to sell our product to the youth and sport community. We started by creating a collection of necklaces and key chains for coaches. A special and unique gift to give to the coaches at the end of the season.  Though we where very passionate and excited about this new venture God had other plans for us. This sports niche wasn't taking off.  So many road blocks and obstacles. But we fought on. Than God placed our niche in our lap.


It was early August when we received a touching and business niche request from a potiential customer on our Etsy Store Now That's Personal conversation box.  This young bride to be was getting married in September and was wondering if we had a way of placing a photo off her dad on a small charm bezel. We replied "Absolutely!". After a few minutes of discussion to find out what she wanted and why. She shared her story. 



She explained that her father passed away back in 2001.  She further explained that he was a NYC Fireman and died attempting to rescue people from the World Trade Center on September 11th.  Jill and I stopped everything and gave her our full attention.  We had chills running up and down our arms and neck.  WOW! was our expression.  She finished by stating that she wanted to keep her dads wish of someday being able to walk her down the isle when she gets married.  This idea came to her. 

She wanted a photo her dad place in a small charm bezel so she can have them placed on her shoes so her dad could walk her down the isle on her wedding which will be the up coming September 11th.  Amazing request.  So amazing that we immediately made this item available our our Etsy Store.  

It wasn't a dramatic overflow of orders that made this a game change. It was the overwhelming feeling that we where able to help a person. It felt wonderful. It felt right. There isn't a day that doesn't go by where we shed a few tears of joy or grief over a customers purchase. God places them in our hands and we attempt to help them by creating a special keepsake that they will treasure for a long time.  

This new niche, Wedding  and Handwriting/Memorial Collection, has helped our business grow by 2000% and given us a solid foundation from which to continue to build from.  We love this niche and we thank God every chance we get. 

Always remember -- When you Relax your Niche Will Find You !


God Bless,

Rich and Jill Campa




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