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Now That's Personal — how to get handwriting to us

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How to get your handwriting sample to us

Many people have inquired as to how they can get their handwriting to us to be made into a charm or keychain. 

Here are two options:

Option 1:  Use a scanner and scan the piece of paper (or greeting card) that has the handwriting on it. Save it to your computer as a PDF or Jpeg. Next choose the item that you would like to purchase on our website www.jillcampadesigns.com , and during the checkout out process,you will be asked to upload your photo. This is where you will upload the photo of the handwriting.

Option 2: Use a Smart phone and take a photo on the handwriting in natural lighting. (no flash please) Be sure NOT to zoom in too much as we will crop the photo for you and want it to be as clear as possible. Save the image to your phone and then upload it during the checkout process as described in option 1 above. 




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