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How do I upload a photo after I have placed an order?

At the selected items page there will be a button "Choose File". Click on this button and it will navigate you through on how to upload your photo from your personal device. 

How long until I receive my item once I’ve ordered?

We are ****currently processing orders in approximately 1 week. That means from order date to ship date. Then an additional 2-5 days for shipping within the US and approximately 1 to 2 weeks for shipping outside the US.

****ALWAYS check your email that was giving during the creation of your account for updates.  Holidays are busier and processing can take longer. 

What type of photo do I need to send? Do I need to crop my photo?

300 DPI (dots per inch) is the “best” but not to worry!...we can work with most photos. You can send us photos from your computer, smartphone, even a picture of a picture is usually fine. We will let you know if it won’t work.
Do I need to crop my photo to make it the size to fit the item?
Answer: No. The designer prefers to crop them herself, if at all possible. Sometimes zooming in or cropping your photo, can make for a slightly blurry image. If we can crop it, and resize with our tools, it makes for a clearer photo. Of course, if you have requests or need us to crop out people or words, then leave us a message in the Note to Seller section so we know what you want.

Can you use my handwriting or drawing?

Please send us a email (CustomCare@nowthatspersonal.com) if you are wondering if the handwriting or drawing is clear enough or will fit on an item. We will be happy to let you know if it will work.  Please send us the photo of the writing or drawing with your question and we will get back to you :)

Will my item tarnish? How do I care for my item?

Costume jewelry tarnishes when exposed to, water, moisture, oils, salts and acids.- wipe jewelry with a soft, clean cloth when you remove it to rid of oil, salt or acids from your skin and to dry it.- Store jewelry in a soft cloth bag or jewelry box with a moisture-absorbing product like the small silica packets that come w/ suitcases/shoes. If you don't have those,thoroughly dry the jewelry , then seal it into a ziplock bag for storage.- Dry your hands before handling, or putting on Costume jewelry.. Remove jewelry before shower, swim &exercise. Avoid contact with excessive perfumes, lotions, soaps, cleaning products.**Minor tarnish can be buffed with a soft cloth. Cleaning heavy tarnish can remove the gold/silver plating.

Do you provide proofs?

We aren't able to provide proofs. We have hundreds of orders in line and one designer and we make these each by hand. The design process is the most time consuming part of making your item. If we did proofs, then we would be doing those all day and delay the orders that need to go out each day.

Thank you for your understanding!

Do you ship to Canada and Australia?

Yes, we do! Shipping will be automatically calculated in our checkout process.

Can I get the item shipped sooner? Do you have faster shipping?

Please send us a email (CustomCare@nowthatspersonal.com),to let us know your need by date and we would be happy to let you know if it’s possible, with our current workload, and what the options are. 

Do you have faster shipping?

Our regular shipping is USPS First Class. We offer a **USPS Priority Shipping upgrade, in our shop. Please send us a email (CustomCare@nowthatspersonal.com) with your request for shipping upgrades. 

** This does speed up your shipping, but DOES NOT speed up order processing.

How do I give you the personalization (date,name, text etc) for my order? I placed my order and forgot to leave my personalization, what do I do?

During the checkout process, there is a Note to Seller section to leave us a message with any personalization.

I placed my order and forgot to leave my personalization, what do I do?

Please send us a email (CustomCare@nowthatspersonal.com) letting us know of your issue and with your order # and personalization you want. 

Can I insert the photo by myself? Is this a DIY item?

No.  We have a process we use to safely secure your image in its requested bezel.  Its not a locket type item. 

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