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Baby Sonogram Jewelry is really a thing!

Baby Sonogram Jewelry is really a thing!

Remember how excited you were when you came home from your first ultrasound appointment with your baby's "first photo" in hand? You probably took a pic of it with your smart phone and posted it out on all of your Social Media feeds and then stuck it on your fridge, right?
Well now that you have it saved  to "digital" form, you have just completed the first step in receiving something really cool! The next step is to browse through our MANY Sonogram items, choose your favorite(s), and upload your sonogram  by clicking the "upload photo" button, and then complete your purchase. Then sit back and relax while we transform it into beautiful wearable keepsake jewelry!
Oh and don't forget about Grandma and Grandpa! We have something for them as well! Choose from necklaces, bracelets, keychains, lapel pins and brooches, cell phone charms, purse hangers, key finders, golf ball markers, Christmas ornaments and more! 

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